I’ve moved on…

So sorry it has been a while. I have spent the whole of December planning and preparing a new exciting project. I have created a new blog!!! I have always loved the idea of blogging but never really had a theme. One day, it clicked. So for those of you curious to know where I… Continue reading I’ve moved on…

Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Week

Since it is Mental Health Awareness Week and the fact that it's a subject that's very close to my heart, I thought I would share with you, my past blogs on this subject.  Depression from the outside perspective - the majority of my family were diagnosed with depression and bi-polar disorder. My partner was also… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week


Top Tips to boost your confidence 

Confidence is one of those things that shy people wish they had or confident people wish they had more of.  I am naturally a shy person but I can be quite confident too. If that makes sense.  The following things are what make me feel that little bit more confident when I need a boost. … Continue reading Top Tips to boost your confidence 


Embracing change

As I lay here in the bath relaxing, I've been thinking, "why I have been feeling a little sick?" It's because I'm nervous - about change. Most people deal with change really easy but some people just take that little bit longer to adapt.  But what am I nervous about? Getting a new car. Now,… Continue reading Embracing change

Mental Health

So I had a breakdown! 

On one Wednesday evening, i had an emotional breakdown on my way home from the cinema.  Why? I have no idea.  I went to the cinema to watch the Fifty Shades Darker film. Went up with my sister and her friend and met my friend up there.  Right from the word go, we were all… Continue reading So I had a breakdown!